UQ Chemistry is world-class in its research and teaching.

We're primarily located within theĀ School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB).

We can also be found at the:

UQ research

Our overarching research themes follow key sub-disciplines of:

  • organic chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • computational chemistry.

We apply these key disciplines in an integrated and cohesive way through biological chemistry and materials chemistry.

Our research areas for materials chemistry are:

  • biomarkers and bone tissue engineering
  • new polymerisation methods and characterisation
  • synthesis, modification and characterisation of nanomaterials and surfaces
  • photolithography methods
  • organic optoelectronics.

Our research areas for biological chemistry encompass:

  • drug discovery
  • natural products and chemical (including computer assisted) design
  • understanding mechanisms/modes of action and new synthetic methods for both natural and mimetic organic and inorganic compounds
  • drugs, genes, and vaccines.